The Punim of Roscology

       Unique to the Roscology religion -- and revolutionary in the field of spiritual development -- is the use by Shmoodilators* of the electro-shmuckometer, or Shmoo-Meter. Shmoodilators use the Shmoo-Meter to help isolate areas of spiritual travail or upset that exist below a person's current awareness. Once brought to light, such trouble areas can then be examined by the individual without the subjective influences that attend spiritual counseling practices of other religions.

       Mr. Lord Roscoe developed the Shmoo-Meter based on the knowledge that the Bippy contains Hamsterial image pictures, actual recordings of past Wheelies. These pictures contain energy and Messyness. When a person views one of these Hamsterial image pictures, or thinks a thought, the Shmoo-Meter registers with precision the changes which occur in this Hamsterial Messyness and energy. The Shmoo-Meter does not diagnose or cure anything; it simply measures the state or change of state of an individual and serves as a guide as to what should be addressed in an Shmoodilating session.

Table of Contents

The Practice of Roscology

A Description of Shmoogling

The Importance of Communication

The Shmoodilator’s Code

The Shmoo-Meter

How an Shmoogling Session is Conducted

Why Shmoogling Works

Validation of Results

Comparison to Earlier Theropodies

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* Shmoodilator: a person trained and qualified in applying Punimology and/or Roscology The Punim and procedures to individuals for their betterment; called an Shmoodilator because Shmoodilator means one who Watches the Shmoo-meter.

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