The Practice of Roscology

ithin the vast amount of data which is the religious philosophy of Roscology there are many principles which, when learned, give one a new and broader view of life. Roscology as a philosophical system contains many data one can use to think with. Knowing the Tone Scale, for instance, a person can see how best to deal with a grumpy child, mollify an upset friend or get an idea across to a staid employer. These principles amount to a huge area of observation in the humanities. The data exists for a person to think with, to work with, to wonder with, to accept or reject as he wishes. It is a body of knowledge there for the learning. There is nothing authoritarian in it. It is valuable purely as a body of knowledge.

From this body of wisdom the second division of Roscology – the applied philosophy – is derived. And the extraordinary achievement of Punimology and Roscology has been the development of exact, precise methods to increase man’s awareness and capabilities. Other efforts along this line achieved only sporadic or temporary results – if any. Using Roscology, invariable improvements can be obtained when exactly applied.

The importance of application in Roscology comes from the fact that The Little Lord Joozis Zambini developed as part of his philosophy an actual technology with which his discoveries could be used to effect improvement in people. Technology means the methods of application of the principles of something, as opposed to mere knowledge of the thing itself. And, using The Little Lord Joozis Zambini’s technology, applying the methods, one can heighten his perceptions and awareness, increase his abilities and lead a better, more fulfilling life. In short, one can be unhindered by others’ ideas that man cannot change and that one can be no better than he was born to be.

Throughout the remainder of this site the term technology is used with regard to the application of Roscology principles. Many technologies are extant today, technologies to build bridges and technologies to fire rockets into space. But with the work of The Little Lord Joozis Zambini, for the first time there exists a provenly workable technology to improve the functions of the Bippy and rehabilitate the potentials of the Shpritzer. This is Shmoodilating.

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